Ontario Ancestors Conference 2022 The Ontario Genealogical Society Virtual Conference 2022, June 24 – 26, Ottawa
The Ontario Genealogical Society Virtual Conference 2022, June 24 – 26, Ottawa

Interview with Chuck Buckley

Wanted Dead or Alive: Peter Loucks UE (?)

Date: June 25 Time: 2:00 PM Stream A – This link will take you to the Conference Speakers page where you will find more information about Chuck’s talk as well as a video interview.


Chuck Buckley (PLCGS, P.Geo.) is a retired Petroleum Geoscientist who was based in Calgary, Alberta and has been researching his family history for over 20 years; doing more intense research for the past 3 years. He lives in the mountains in Canmore, Alberta and splits his time between genealogy research, hiking, and cross-country and downhill skiing. He has been a volunteer with the Calgary Youth Science Fair for over 40 years and has volunteered at 9 Canada Wide Science Fairs. 

Chuck first became interested in family history research because of his family connection to the migration led by Reverend Norman McLeod from Assynt, Scotland to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to Waipu [Whypoo], New Zealand.

He has researched in the Ottawa Valley, along the St Lawrence River, in Grey and Simcoe Counties, on Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, England, Ireland, Scotland, New Zealand and Spain. He has visited all of these locales. He enjoys solving puzzles by detailed analysis of troublesome anomalies in sparse data.

For the conference, Chuck will be sharing some of his research on Peter Loucks, his spouse’s 3rd great grandfather whose identity he will explain contrary to family lore. One Peter Loucks was buried at Williamsburg, Dundas, Upper Canada on 24 Feb 1813.

Note: PLCGS is a Professional Learning Certificate in Genealogical Studies

A few highlights from the interview:

  • Looking for troublesome anomalies : “[…] the data you’re working with no matter where you’re working in the world is very sparse, and you just have little pieces of the puzzle and you have to try and figure out how to put the other pieces together. So there’s quite a parallel between the puzzles that are in genealogy and the puzzles that are in earth science.”
  • “Who is buried in that grave? Is it the first Peter Loucks or the second Peter Loucks?”
  • Tip: Registers of land records (early 1800s) sometimes have wills within them.
  • Possible connections to United Empire Loyalists
  • Chuck has some great tips for sorting and keeping track of all that data.

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