Ontario Ancestors Conference 2022 The Ontario Genealogical Society Virtual Conference 2022, June 24 – 26, Ottawa
The Ontario Genealogical Society Virtual Conference 2022, June 24 – 26, Ottawa

Interview with John D. Reid

Second World War British Migrants to Canada

Date: June 25 Time: 1:00 PM Stream B This link will take you to the Conference Speakers page where you will find more information about John’s talk as well as a video interview.

John is best known for his daily blog ‘Anglo-Celtic Connections‘ which he has been publishing since 2006. Originally this was a column in the ‘Anglo-Celtic Roots’ monthly membership newsletter, and John says he wanted a way to regularly share news that he discovers about family history. His blog certainly accomplishes that! Please note : you can find the original Anglo-Celtic Connections blog Here.

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John is originally from Britain, and after obtaining a degree, decided to investigate emigrating to another country – for a time. (In the interview, he says ‘for a bit of adventure’.) It seems that actually, Canada chose him those many years ago and he decided to stay.

From his personal site (blog) John D. Reid, (A collection of personal resources of potential interest to family, friends, family historians, weather historians and the simply curious.) he states his professional background as: “Formerly a PhD research scientist, I retired as Director, Policy and International Affairs for Canada’s Weather Service while serving as President of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, in 1998.”

Also on this page, John has listed the titles of his many articles published in family history society journals such as: the BIFHSGO journal, Anglo-Celtic Roots, Routes Chinook, Internet Genealogy as well as articles in professional papers.

A tab on this page: ‘Finding English Emigrants to Canada and Their Descendants‘ – is taken from a presentation in March 2015 at Genealogy in the Sunshine in Portugal.

A professional article example: “Case Study of Making the Green Choice Between Ozone Depleting and Greenhouse Warming Technologies’. Presentation at the 27th Congress of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. Fredericton, New Brunswick, June 8-11, 1993.

This poem, written by John’s mother Dorothy, is titled Genealogical Research. ‘Thoughts after a visit to St. Peter’s Church, Ellastone, Staffordshire on the 11th of September 1996.’ This short piece is really poignant and will be sure to touch your genealogist’s heartstrings. Thank you for sharing this John.

In his talk, John will discuss a few case studies of British Migrants to Canada during the Second World War.

During the Second World War, Canada welcomed many migrants from Britain, under schemes such as the Children’s Overseas Reception Board (CORB), British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) as well as ‘war-brides’ of Canadian servicemen. Some of these people stayed, some found it too difficult and returned home to their families.

Please check his profile page on the conference website for regular updates and an upcoming video interview.