Ontario Ancestors Conference 2022 The Ontario Genealogical Society Virtual Conference 2022, June 24 – 26, Ottawa
The Ontario Genealogical Society Virtual Conference 2022, June 24 – 26, Ottawa

June 25 – 2:00 PM – Stream A – Wanted Dead or Alive: Peter Loucks UE (?)


Case study analyses inconsistencies in the life of Peter Loucks buried at Williamsburg, Dundas, Upper Canada on 24 Feb 1813. Are there two Peter Loucks?  


  1. Peter Adam Loucks was single on numerous muster rolls at a time when Hans Peter Loucks was married and had numerous children. 
  2. Hans Peter Loucks Land Petition of 1792 indicates he is “Late of Ulster” which would not apply to Peter Adam Loucks who had been in Canada for almost 9 years. 
  3. The date of birth calculated from the age in the church register for the burial of Peter Loucks Sr on 24 Feb 1813 calculates as one month prior to the christening date of Hans Peter Loucks; 20 months after the baptism of Peter Adam Loucks. 
  4. Hans Peter Loucks is listed as “of Kingston” [New York] when granted administration of his father’s will in 1789. 
  5. None of the sons of Hans Peter Loucks applied for Land Grants as sons of U.E.  
  6. Peter Loucks Sr sold [or transferred] all of his known land to Michael P., Peter P., or John P. Loucks, or to Lant prior to his death in 1813 (mostly in 1810). A will has not been found.  

Chuck Buckley – follow this link to listen to a video interview with Chuck, and learn more about how his family is connected to UEL, Hugenots and early Upper Canada (Ontario) by investigating records of the Ontario Archives, Family Search and a few more. Chuck also provides a few tips for creating your own database of transcriptions.